Almost everyone can remember with clarity the moment that they heard of the attacks of September 11th, and in addition to the grief, shock, horror, fear that we felt was the desire to understand, to know- “Why?,” “How?,” and “Who could possibly benefit from such a crime?” These questions were never answered satisfactorily by the press, which soon began beating the war drums and hurtling us towards World War III.

The U.S. government’s attacks upon Afghanistan, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Iraq, it’s attempt to redefine the world in an Orwellian manner contingent upon the events of September 11th prompted people to critically examine the events of that day, before, and after to discern the truth from the spin.

Concerned people sought to build a new map of reality, to understand where we were, and what direction we were suddenly facing. Confusion and disorientation make it difficult to know which way to go: with a good map, a sense of where we have been and where we are heading, people are empowered to change course, and not blindly follow “a leader.” The worldwide web facilitated an extraordinary exchange of information, observations, and collaborations in an urgent, spontaneous effort to make sense of what happened, use of the web helped to put together the pieces of a puzzle, and see the big picture of the crisis as it unfolded.

Peoples maps changed as they grasped the significance of 9-11, and how “the story” was being spun to allow the casual observer to quickly and comfortably jump to disingenuous conclusions. Heroic efforts were made to shine light on the criminal conspiracy that culminated in the attacks that day and in the “cover-up” that followed. Many articles were written; websites sprang up; videos were made… art, cartoons, speeches, petitions to demand an investigation of 9-11, proliferated to illuminate fears, doubts, concerns, and shed light on our questions. Across cyber-space isolation was broken, people connected, networks formed, consciousness was raised, an incredibly diverse movement was nurtured. Yet the carefully cordoned “reality” defined by the mainstream press remained unquestioned by many.

When a small group of activists representing peace and human rights groups, marched on Senator Feinstein’s office to Demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11 on January 8th, 2002, they raised a large number of questions and issues. Bush immediately responded by asking Daschle to limit the inquiry. Indeed, the mandate of the investigation seemed to be “come up with an excuse as to why we failed to prevent September 11th and explain how we could justify increasing our budget to prevent future terrorist attacks.” Most revealing of the official nature of the “whitewash” was the fact that the heads of the Senate and House Intelligence Oversight Committee, responsible for the 9-11 investigation, on the actual morning of September 11, 2001, were having breakfast with Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad (the head of Pakistani Intelligence who helped the US and the Saudis to create the Al Qaeda Network). Ahmad was also identified to be responsible for having $100,000 sent to Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker in the World Trade Center attacks (according to the FBI).

Damning evidence of government complicity continued to mount, although the U.S. press continued to fail to connect the dots exercising “damage control.” Books were published but information was mixed with disinformation. This threatened to bury the critical analysis and key facts under an avalanche of lies, misinformation, speculation, and propaganda; to muddy the waters, confuse everyone, paralyze the public into inaction or mislead them to waste their energy upon other “issues.” When the headline “Bush Knew” appeared, those who had begun to suspect that the government had been lying, had their fears confirmed.

On June 10th, 2002, held a press conference in Washington D.C. raising eleven key questions about September 11th. C-Span cancelled their coverage of the Press Conference at the last minute; the mainstream press tried to ignore it; and the Bush Administration pulled Padilla out of his cell and tried to make a big hoopla over “new evidence of a terrorist threat.”

In July, Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed’s book, the War on Freedom , was published. Ahmed documented compelling evidence of the complicity of the U.S. government in the September 11th attacks, Ahmed’s voice has helped greatly to give credibility to a growing movement, demanding truth, transparency and accountability from the government. Michel Chossudovsky's book, "America's War on Terrorism" in the Wake of 9/11 , has significantly contributed to understanding the role of the U.S. government in 9-11 and the overall geopolitical situation.

In the Fall of 2002, the first "Bush Did It!" marches, rallies, forums were held in San Francisco and Oakland California. Guerrilla News Network provided a rough cut of their 9-11 documentary Aftermath to 9-11 activists in New York and California who began collaborating in new ways to form a People's Investigation of 9-11, a 9-11 Truth Alliance , and working towards creating an Independent Citizen's Commission on 9-11 (Here is the letter sent out by New York WILPF Metro to invite all activists to join our efforts).

In October, 2002, 10,000 Deception Dollars were printed and given away at the big anti-war march in San Francisco on the 26th; people loved them. When they ran out, improvements were made and an additional 100,000 were printed. These were distributed at the big anti-war marches on January 18th, 2003 (and we ran out of them in San Francisco). Our most popular leaflet, consciousness raiser on 9-11, the Deception Dollars help us to reach directly to people who have been bombarded with mainstream and government propaganda and want to know the truth.

Donations received for Deception Dollars have helped to support the websites, activists, researchers trying to understand and educate the public about 9/11. Our Deception Dollar printing fund financed the premieres of the GNN documentary- Aftermath in the Bay Area, the comedy/benefit- Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush and the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11 which brought together researchers, writers, publishers, activists, giving birth to the 9/11 Truth Movement (As well as and a series of citizen led inquiries in Toronto, New York , DC , Chicago , Los Angeles , Vancouver , as well as in other countries. As of September 2007, we have helped nurture the 9/11 Truth Movement, published and distributed over 7,000,000 Deception Dollars, helped with innumerable conferences, actions, rallies, protests, educational forums, the distribution of films and getting documentaries on community access stations throughout the U.S. via . Whereas the Deception Dollar was a primary tool for the movement years ago, we are happy to see new consciousness raising tools- such as the distributing tens of thousands of free 9/11 Truth DVDs, and 9/11 Fact Sheets . If there is to be competition within the movement, let it be to create better communication tools for the empowerment, and enlightenment of our ever growing community.

We firmly believe that the truth will bring together the global majority of the world's people who seek peace, justice, a better world for their children and all life, to see through the lies of a tiny global minority clinging to power through lies, war, terrorism and fear. We invite everyone to join our efforts to learn and expose the truth about 9-11, a crime which is being used to justify a war of terrorism against all of us. We hope to nurture a spirit of cooperation, respect, love amongst all who realize how interdependent our future is.

A Global Dance has begun between the forces of Peace and War, Truth and Lies, Resistance and Repression. All the resources of the U.S. government, and transnational corporations who benefit from war, and the control over the vast majority of the world’s resources by an elite minority, will do what they can to create fear, confusion, maintain their power. All we can do is tell the truth, shatter the BIG LIE, with facts, humor, love, courage, creativity, clarity, to empower all of us to hold those responsible for crimes against humanity accountable for their actions, and to rein them in, before they commit worse acts of terror against people at home and abroad.

The Deception Dollars were created as a portal to the best information we have found on 9-11. There is so much information that no one could possibly keep up with it all and there is a tremendous diversity of ideas, opinions, observations amongst a growing number of sites, research with each site providing links to other sites. Some sites provide a place for dialogue, discussion, organizing opportunities, some just try to convey essential information. There are more urls for 9-11 sites than space on the Deception Dollars to list them, but hopefully- the breadth, diversity, widespread nature of the internet will help to grow an unstoppable movement.

You can help, and only you can decide how and where your talents, skills, energy can be best deployed to further the cause of truth, peace, justice, life.

Welcome to our community!

By Carol Brouillet