By Barrie Zwicker

AfterMath: Unanswered Questions From 9/11 screening and panel

Herbst Theatre, SAN FRANCISCO 21 APRIL 2003


I think it could help the panelists, and myself, to orient our remarks better, if you'd respond to four questions. Your responses will shed light on, collectively "where we're at," in this room tonight, on 9/11.

First question (and on all questions, take your time, answer honestly). Hands up, when you're ready, how many here are pretty sure that elements of the U.S. government not just knew, but actively participated in the hijackings of 9/11, were, in a word, complicit?

(Observers and myself think about 80% of audience put hands up.)

Second question, hands up when you're ready, how many here believe that by and large the official 9/11 narrative is valid - namely that one evil man and a small group of co-conspirators carried it off, catching the intelligence, the military, the airlines, everybody, essentially off guard?

(I recall only a scattering of hands go up.)

Third question, how many believe, to condense the situation into two words: "Bush knew."

(Again, many hands went up, probably more than 50%, but I realized later that this question overlapped question #1.)

Final question, how many haven't raised your hands yet?

(A few hands went up.)

Thank you.

Now I am not one of your neutral moderators. To begin with maybe I should be called your immoderator. Although after my opening remarks here, I will magically metamorphose into a semi-shrinking violet to fulfill the rest of my moderatorly duties in the usual fair and impartial way.

But out of the gate here - I believe the official narrative about 9/11 is a Big Lie, with a capital B and a capital L.

My offering is that 9/11 was what the anarchist Bakunin called "the propaganda of the act." That it was "Reichstag Fire 2001." That it was the greatest deception of its kind ever foisted. And that's saying something, in light of the long and totally-neglected history of this kind of war-triggering deception perpetrated by powerful special interests to sway public opinion in favour of deadly agendas that almost always result in serious grief for just about everyone.

My offering is that 9/11 was arranged to jump start the so-called war on terrorism, which in turn is the cover and heat exchanger for hot wars, these being the toxic tip of the machinery for world domination. At the levers is a clique of neocons that has hijacked this country's foreign policy at the behest largely and to the benefit mainly of Big Arms and Big Oil, with the rest of the worst at the top, giving the thumbs-up and boarding the gravy train.

Judging by your response to the questions I posed, the focus tonight within the general subject 9/11, may tend to be:

Not whether the take on 9/11 is along the lines I've expressed, but on the who's and the how's and the what-to-do's.

I hope we'll find time to address visions of a better future, one much freer of vast dark tax-funded bureaucracies of deceit, deception, assassination and destabilization of civil societies abroad -- and at home, in your country, and in mine.

A prerequisite for opening up a wider path to that better future is that a larger percentage of the hypnotized public than at present have its patriotic trance broken and be willing to question the provenance of 9/11 and its iconic power.

The hypocritical verbiage and bald false assertions of George Bush and his dark cabal of reactionary revolutionaries and oiligarchs who "mix greed, inept economic management, business corruption, crony capitalism, triumphalist Pentagon sable-rattling and Axis of Evil foreign policy theology," have been deconstructed by most people around the world. (By the way, I don't want to be accused of plagiarization. Most of what I just said is a direct quote from Kevin Phillips, a leading Republican theoretician.)

Money power, firepower and propaganda power are all spilling out of the closet. What's still mainly hidden in the closet, is the power of deception and the extent of deception. And the single deception which, if exposed in a politically-relevant way, would have the most impact, is the most brazen deception of all, 9/11. That's why this meeting and others like it are crucial.


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